One chair's slats are a wreck, a few have come out of their slots and bow in odd angles.

Gorilla Glue Giveaway – Re-Seat those Wooden Chair Slats with Gorilla Wood Glue


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This Gorilla Wood Glue project fills two needs for our back yard garden: one more tomato plant stand and one more place to sit.

The chairs came from our neighbor friends – they set them out in their front yard, bound for the curb.  The chairs looked pretty pathetic, both were coming apart at the seat slats, but one was quite bad.  They chuckled as I asked to have the chairs.  Armed with only a bottle of Gorilla Wood Glue and a rag, it became my mission to reclaim these chairs without tools.

Click the pictures above to view the dual chair repair.

A Few Notes:

1.  Check for fit by fitting the pieces to be glued together before applying any glue.

2.  A proper treatment would have been to take the chairs apart, glue inside the slots where the slats fit, and reconstruct the chairs.  I did not do that.

3.  It’s not shown in the pictures, but I used my foot to gently but firmly bang each chair frame to re-seat the slats.  My rubber mallet would have been ideal but my foot worked well.

4.  Also not shown, I rested the chairs against a wall and set a brick on top in lieu of clamping.

5.  I did not wipe excess glue from around the slats.

6. Read the bottle’s full instructions before using.

I am not a woodworker and this isn’t a woodworking project.  I reclaimed one chair to sit a tomato pot on and another chair to sit people on.  I am quite pleased with how they turned out.  After reading comments on Gorilla Wood Glue’s tough nature, I suspect the chairs will break from old age before the glue bonds fail.

To learn more about Gorilla Wood Glue and their other products, visit their Facebook page. You’ll also find incredible user-completed projects, safety tips and a handy Gorilla Glue Guide for navigating your own projects.

Leave a comment below for your chance to win a Gorilla Glue Prize Pack! to share your Gorilla Glue stories, but a winner has been chosen for this post.  Thanks!

28 thoughts on “Gorilla Glue Giveaway – Re-Seat those Wooden Chair Slats with Gorilla Wood Glue

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  2. This reminds me that a friend has some plantation shutters that need fixing, I would think since it design is the same as that chair, that the Gorilla Glue would fix those too … I might have to recommend it to her, I can give her my bottle to try and if it works, she can get another bottle to fix the rest. Thanks!

  3. I had no idea I needed to glue my outdoor furnature until I read this article and now I’m inspecting all my stuff and gluing where needed! This is a great glue for anything outdoors and I will get my birdhouse done next!

  4. I need this glue to fix an old wooden bench and wooden and cast iron sewing machine that was passed down to me in rough shape!
    Thanks :)

  5. We have an old chair in the garden, but the back slats have all but fallen out. I think this would work perfectly to fix it! Thanks for the chance!

  6. We use Gorilla Glue for all of our wood projects, from the rocking chair out front, to the toy horse that we built for our son. Thank you guys for a great product!

  7. I need some gorilla wood glue to repair my wife’s old rocking chair she had as a kid for our first baby! It would make her so happy to have it fixed for him to sit in.

  8. what a great recycle project. I like that you didn’t even throw away the one that was not good enough for sitting. go you!!!

  9. I LOVE all the comments! I especially love hearing about all the projects just waiting for some tough love with handy Gorilla Wood Glue. Even I am seeing fresh things around the house and garden that need repair.

    Comments will be eligible to win until Friday morning, 8 am EST. A winner will be chosen at random but keep those projects and repairs coming!

  10. I love to refinish furniture and Gorilla Glue is a great way to make sure you always get a quality piece of furniture.

  11. I build rustic log furniture as a side hobby and I always use gorilla glue. I have not once used anything else to hold it together, nails screws etc. just good ole gorilla glue.

  12. That reminds me my tall canning stool has started to fall apart and I need to glue it back together.

  13. I have some broken plant pots that are a challenge to fix. A lot of glue’s don’t work but gorilla glue works GREAT! I also have a bookcase that the top keeps lifting on and I have a feeling if I had some gorilla glue it would fix it for good!
    I would LOVE to win this prize pack! :)

  14. I LOVE Gorilla glue mainly for these projects. I LOVE finding *junk* on the side that I bring home and with a little effort and time becomes good if not better then new. Thanks for such a wondeful product!

  15. I have used Gorilla glue to fix the major details on the porch swings that I create. Everything is detailed and precise and this glue is perfect.

  16. Gorilla glue rocks! I use it on all my projects!

    The guy I work with uses another brand, you know the one with a duck on it….ugh! We are always going back and forth about which glue is best. I know the truth and will eventually convert him. He’s been using the other brand for “years” and just hasn’t made the switch. I believe if he really gave GG a try he’d make the switch!

  17. Really, its nice information, I read this whole and carefully. This covers the all required thing. I can say that you make a real effort, Please keep this continue.


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