Herbs – Keeping Freshly Cut Basil

Two early sprigs of fresh cut basil: Ararat and Napolitano.

The great debate: on the counter or in the fridge.

Limited precious counter space pushed my fresh cut basil into sealed bags in the fridge for the last few years.  I cut it outside and get it bagged and fridged within 10 – 15 minutes, no washing.  It lasts a week or two no sweat.  I remove any discolored leaves I notice as I use it.

Thanks to moving a cutting board, I have a little herb roost behind the sink now.  The basil pictured is two days old and looks great.  Basil uses a ton of water sitting in a vase.  You can put a plastic bag over the leafy mass to maintain humidity and slow its respiration.  Or just keep the vase filled with water.

Wondering how to put up basil?  A Pinch Of… will get you started down the road of year-round basil for cooking.  I’m a fan of freezing leaves in a sealed container (least amount of work) or drying (for soups, sauces and giving to friends), but that just scratches the surface.

Whether you buy it or grow it, store it to suit you and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Herbs – Keeping Freshly Cut Basil

  1. A great way to preserve basil is by chopping it in a food processor or blender with enough water to make a thick slurry. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze. The frozen cubes can be added sauces, soups, etc., and the flavor is much closer to fresh basil than drying it.
    Enjoy life,

    • Thanks for sharing. One of these days I will freeze it this way. Our kitchen is small and I never manage to get the food processor involved but definitely should.


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