Traveling – Photosafari in Brooklyn


These days I give things I grow.  Friday afternoon we moved the luggage aside and placed a potted tomato alongside to give our weekend hostess.

Memorial Day weekend took us to New York visiting friends and family.  Specifically, to Brooklyn, since we are of a certain demographic whose friends have all left the Lower East Side and are either engaged, married and/or with children and/or dogs in Park Slope and its neighboring neighborhoods.

The weekend sweltered with humid 90s and a few soaking rains.  Park Slope parents pushed past with spendy strollers and Williamsburg baristas took pitty that we could possibly live more than a bike ride away.  Heatwave and glances aside, we love our treks to the belly of all things awesome.

Container gardens abound and I noticed more edibles than visits past.  Brooklyn spills with tiny gardens as lush and tough as its people.  Street fashion gets all the buzz but street gardening makes the bigger statement.

Hopefully growing edibles sticks around longer than neon flats.