Travels – Englishtown Flea Market, NJ

We plan our trip routes and stops based on flea market locations and hours.

We’re those people.

I grew up going to flea markets with my mom, Neal has gone to flea markets most his adult life to dig for records. When his mother first met me and I stood in her kitchen explaining that Keller’s Flea Market in Georgia reminded me of home, she smiled as Neal joined us, “Neal, you’ve met your match.”

Englishtown Auction makes our short list of incredible flea markets.20120526-235950.jpg. This flea is huge, has indoor and outdoor vendors and has tons of shoppers (a busy vendor is a happy vendor – more likely to have good prices and more likely to haggle).

We only had about an hour to shop but could have easily spent five. The Garden State did not disappoint – I saw more vendors with plants and gardening-related items than at any other flea I can remember. The wares spanned from cheap import dollar-store junk to antique tools to home-started seedlings to a mini garden center.

We had to shop light since we were on our way to New York and not homeward bound. We’ll have to plan our next trip to Brooklyn around returning to the flea on a Sunday from the southbound lanes of the turnpike.


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