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Social – Go to Flower Mart 2012


Flower Mart, presented by the Washington National Cathedral All Hallows Guild for the 73rd year, finished its first day Friday with a bright setting sun shining against stormy clouds that passed over without pitch.

If you live in DC and didn’t attend the first day, then you should attend the second day, Saturday (May 5th 10 am – 5 pm).

Ten Reasons to Attend Flower Mart 2012

1.  It’s at the awesome Washington National Cathedral.

2.  Free admission.

3.  Many local vendors for snacks, gifts, plants and wares.

4.  It a benefit for the Cathedral’s gardens and grounds.

5.  See the 7th Annual International Floral Exhibit inside the 102′ tall nave of the Cathedral.

6.  Self-guided tours materials available for the gorgeous Bishop’s Garden, Olmstead Woods and Amphitheater.


8.  Very cool 1890’s traveling wooden carousel.  It’s a big deal.  (Costs 2 tickets per person, $1 per ticket, sold in the children’s area on opposite side of the Cathedral.  Plenty of adults ride the carousel.)

9.  PLANTS FOR SALE.  Herbs, annuals, perennials, roses, hanging baskets, carnivorous plants and bonsai.

10.  It’s fun.  And see #7.

Go.  What better way to build up a thirst for the Supermoon Cinco de Mayo?