Pygmy Goats

Day Trip – Photo Safari at the Howard County Conservancy


April’s final day brought a cloudy chill perfect for visiting the Howard County Conservancy.

Their native plants honors garden got me thinking about plans for future gardens but “finding animals and flowers” with our two-year-old was the real highlight of our casual visit.

What makes the conservancy in Woodstock, MD,  special, aside from the work they do educating the community and preserving homestead outbuildings and easements?  It’s beautiful.

Its perch looks gracefully over rolling grasslands, streams and native woodlands.  No gimmicky cow cutouts greet the kids.  An orchard, gardens in various states of care, a pair of pygmy goats, a few chickens, stone walls, birds – all inviting you to take it in.  I want to return and hike the woods and meadows.  I want to sit along a stream.

A school trip of art students dispersed across the acreage.  On our way out, Bunny laid on her stomach in the grass and looked down the knoll at the trees along a stream.  “I’m painting, mom, you go.  I’ll stay here.”

I felt the same.


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