White House bees!

Roundup – Weekend Bits via the White House


Let’s just say the weekend starts on Friday, for the sake of argument.  Then this was quite the weekend.

Friday – Potted up the final tomatoes.  They were the last of the peat pots given by a friend.  Peat pots are controversial and many gardeners complain about their effectiveness, all I have to say is the DIY toilet paper tube seed pots worked the best of all this season’s methods.  We also fixed pots and continued our seedling success (borage and balsam).

Saturday – A friend called Friday with White House Garden Spring Garden Tour tickets.  This was priceless.  They’re free to anyone who stands in line for them, but standing in an infinite line with a toddler is a high a price to pay.  We loved it despite it being more a driveway stroll than a garden tour.  The White House Kitchen Garden was THE most meticulously beautiful vegetable plot I’ve ever seen.  Kitchen Garden tours are available most Tuesdays and Thursdays to DC area school aged children.

Late Saturday – Second birthday party(!) at a friend’s house.  This friend wowed me a few years ago with the quantity of spinach, basil and salad greens she grows in window box planters hung along her DC back yard fence.

Sunday – Earth Day.  We really didn’t do anything special, mostly because it’s been Earth Day nearly every day for three months for the toddler – “helping” build the cold frame, finding earth worms, mixing soil, watering seedlings, talking about the flowers coming and going, experiencing the cherry blossoms, going on tulip patrol all over town, planting her own seeds with her buddy – I could not think of anything to do in the cold rain that would make this day stand out to a two-year-old.  Besides, she was much more focused on the candy she brought home from the birthday party.  The most important thing Sunday – it rained.

One day of rain doesn’t end a drought, but Sunday’s rain was more than we’ve seen in months.  More predicted for Monday.

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