The medium pot's wide gap took more glue to fill.  I tied floss near the mouth of the pot.

DIY for Earth Day – More Pot Repair with Gorilla Glue

Earth Day celebrates what you can do daily to help the environment.  Repairing items instead of throwing them away runs deep in our family.

You don’t always need tools to make repairs.  I have an arsenal of adhesives around the house and at our DC record store, Som Records, but I’ve found Gorilla Glue works particularly well for repairing terra cotta (clay) pots.

I posted about pot repair a month ago but this is so easy (and replacing pots adds up), here’s yet more incentive to repair your own.

This is a two-for-one.  We found a large pot left for trash on the curb with a big crack down its center.  The pot was still in one piece but would break if filled with soil.  This is where Super Glue just won’t work.  Super Glue (or Krazy Glue, etc) won’t fill gaps between two pieces but Gorilla Glue expands as it dries, making it perfect for this job.

The medium-sized pot is ours.  I left it out over winter and it cracked from the few freezes we had.  It’s cracked down the side and the bottom is completely separated.

The previous post gives detailed notes on using Gorilla Glue, but the captions here should guide your way.

Note:  I am a known over-gluer.  I overkill it with the glue just to make super sure it all holds.  You don’t have to use this much glue, the bottle directions warn to use sparingly.

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with Gorilla Glue, but we do share some love on twitter and follow each other.