Salvage – Onions from the Kitchen to the Garden


Who hasn’t had onions start sprouting in the kitchen?

We go through so many onions, sprouting is a rare event here but they seem absolutely set on it these few weeks. I usually slice them up them as soon as I spot a green shoot but two managed sizable green shoots without detection.

With pots to spare waiting for seedlings to mature, I consulted GardenWeb on the utility/futility of planting sprouted pantry onions.

Verdict: Might as well plant them.

If the bulb doesn’t rot I can harvest the green shoots to use like scallions.  Another GardenWeb post recommends cutting away the outer bulb layers before planting.  I peeled the bulb back but skipped cutting the roots since I wasn’t sure how far to cut.  Figuring how much bulb to peel away was easy since both onions had gone mushy on the outside: I peeled until I found the firm core.

Maybe I’ll sow a little camomile or lettuce as companions in the pot.

Update:  HUGE SUCCESS!  A month after planting, I harvested one of the onion’s greens.  They’re delicious fresh and make a great quick-pickled condiment!  I’m so excited this worked, I shared it on Frugally Sustainable.

6 thoughts on “Salvage – Onions from the Kitchen to the Garden

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