Walking – Early Hellos


“Whassup, daffodils!”

B giggles this to daffodils as we pass.

DC’s small front yards make walking the sidewalks an endless treat in spring.

Does anything beat velvety tulips peaking down the sidewalk through their wrought iron fence?

DIY – Accidental Rooting


If this were a DIY, it would go like this:


1.  It’s spring, give your established and unruly rosemary bush an aggressive pruning.

2.  Admire your work.  Appreciate your lush and bushy rosemary that you barely tend except when you run out to clip sprigs for cooking.

3.  Gather what you sheared off and abandon most of it because it’s tough and woody.

4.  But you can’t really abandon all that good rosemary.  Select a few of the tender branches and trim 8 – 12 inches of the tips and take to your kitchen.

5.  Brag about it on your tumblr because growing stuff is awesome and you’ve stopped pestering your facebook friends about cooking with all the awesome stuff you grow.

6.  Strip the bottom inch or two of leaves and stick the sprigs in a vase or bottle with water.  Place away from the harsh afternoon sun.

7.  Continue to pinch off leaves as you need them for a week or two.

8.  Change the water and notice WHOA – THEY ROOTED!!!

9.  Take exciting iPhone pictures and brag about this miracle of accidentalness on tumblr as well.

10.  Consult the internet if you would like to actually turn these rooted cuttings into more plants for your garden (or gifts for friends).

This is great.  It turns out that by me stripping the bottom leaves so they fit into their glass bottle, and then pinching the top leaves for cooking, I accidentally did exactly what is needed for rooting.

The scratchy patches of weeds near our front door would love to host a few rosemary bushes.  The neighbors and I have been wanting to reclaim that sidewalk area and now we’ll have some anchoring rosemary to accidentally kick it off.